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Losing teeth as a child is a momentous occasion that calls for a celebration. Losing your teeth as an adult, however, is a much different story. Your teeth serve an important function in your mouth for eating and more. You might lose your teeth due to an accident or untreated dental issue, but thankfully when you do lose teeth you can fix it with a dental bridge treatment Bradenton. A dental bridge is an artificial tooth that is secured in place by abutment teeth affixed on either side of the tooth gap. False teeth or pontics can be made from a wide range of materials, but the most commonly used material is porcelain because it closely resembles your real teeth. 

Treatment Restores Your Beautiful Smile

If you have missing teeth, it will affect your smile. If you feel embarrassed about your smile, now is the time to restore them with a dental bridge. A dental bridge will fill in space with natural-looking artificial teeth.

Will Improve Your Chewing Ability

One of the functions of your teeth is to allow you to chew food properly. When you lose your teeth, chewing feels abnormal. There’s also a possibility that food debris can settle in the empty sockets of your gums, and this can cause infection. To address this problem, you’ll need a dental bridge to replace your missing teeth.

Will Restore Function to Your Mouth

You might not realize just how important your teeth are for things other than eating. Human language is based around using your mouth to communicate and having teeth missing could create an unavoidable lisp. Another benefit of getting a dental bridge treatment is that it will enhance your smile and restore it to normal function. When you lose several teeth, it will be a struggle to pronounce words, and when you speak, people will have trouble understanding you.

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Looking for Dental Bridge Treatment Bradenton?

When missing teeth is the problem, a cost-effective solution is a dental bridge treatment Bradenton. Naidu Dental in Bradenton FL provides everything from routine care and teeth whitening to dental implants and advanced restorative dentistry. If you want to achieve optimum dental health, book an appointment on our site or give us a call.

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