Smile Makeovers

Naidu Dental’s signature smile makeovers are based on a multi-phase approach. This begins determining your final goal for your smile. Together with Dr. Naidu, you will create a smile design and treatment plan to make it happen.

Phase I: Diagnosis

The first phase is to determine what elements will be part of your smile makeover. You will receive a comprehensive exam, complete with digital x-rays, intra-oral and extra-oral photos, impressions of your mouth, and a bite analysis to determine your level of function.

I’ve also helped many of my patients overcome their fear of dental work, and I look at it as a fulfilling challenge to convert a person who is afraid into someone who enjoys coming to see me for routine care.

Phase 2: Restoration

This is the restorative phase, in order to bring your teeth and gums back to optimal health. The dentist will likely use a combination of the following elements:

Phase 3: Final Placement

During Phase 3, your final restorations will be put in place. At this point, you can expect to achieve:

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