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When you think of dentures, you may not think of teeth that look and feel natural. With new technology and materials, dentures can now be so lifelike that no one will know they’re not your own teeth. Bradenton dentist Dr. Darshan Naidu will discuss your options with you and fit you with the kind of dentures you’ll feel comfortable in.

Bradenton Denture Materials

One of the most important factors in creating natural-looking dentures is the materials from which they are made. For example, acrylic is a popular material for denture teeth. It’s inexpensive and easy to work with. But these teeth will wear down quickly, and the less expensive brands don’t offer the translucency and subtle color variations found in your own teeth. A high-quality denture tooth will be made out of porcelain or composite.

The material used in the base of the denture is also important. Inexpensive materials often become distorted as they are fabricated, leading to a less than satisfactory fit. Dr. Darshan Naidu works with high-quality natural materials that will fit accurately and resist wear and staining.

Artistry and Philosophy

Even with the best materials in the world, you will not get truly lifelike dentures from many dentists. It takes a well-developed aesthetic sense on the part of the dentist and the lab technician who fabricates the dentures to create beautiful teeth.

In addition, Dr. Naidu doesn’t believe, as many dentists do, that dentures must be a bit ugly to look real. He will create a set as beautiful as you want them to be, and he works only with the best labs and technicians in the area.

Alternatives to Dentures

Even the best set of dentures will not feel like your own teeth, and it can take time to get used to them. Some people feel that they make it more difficult to enunciate words. Because the upper dentures cover the entire hard palate, they will also interfere with your sense of taste and your enjoyment of your food.

Dental implants and implant-supported dentures can be good alternatives to dentures. If you would like to learn more about implants, please visit our Dental Implants page.

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