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Carolyn’s Invisalign Journey at Naidu Dental

Carolyn has spent years coming to Naidu Dental and has recently invested in Invisalign for a new, straighter smile. She would recommend Naidu Dental to anyone who may be unhappy with the way their smile looks and who may be looking for cosmetic dentistry options.

As a Medical Professional, Lorraine Looks for Exceptional Service

Dr. Naidu has helped Lorraine with a full mouth reconstruction that restored the full function of her lower teeth. Her smile is now contagious, and Lorraine would recommend Dr. Naidu for full implant services to her friends & family.

Sophie Found Compassionate Care at Naidu Dental

After a series of complicated case requirements, Sophie has found trust in Dr. Naidu for multiple treatment needs including caps, crowns, and a new dental implant. She now refers those new to the Bradenton area to Dr. Naidu for compassionate care. 


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