Effective Professional Teeth Whitening

I just spent a good amount of money getting my teeth whitened, but the results look splotchy. Why won’t my fillings whiten with my teeth?


Dear Cathy,

My first question is are you under the care of a dentist during your teeth whitening procedure? Because if you are, this issue should have been explained to you at the beginning. For your dentist not to talk to you about it is poor form on his or her part.

Professional teeth whitening is very effective on natural tooth structure. However, it won’t whiten any type of dental work, whether that be fillings, dental crowns, veneers, etc. Generally, what you’d do is whiten your teeth first. Then, when you’ve achieved the level of whiteness you desire, replace the dental work to match your new color.

White composite fillings can be made to blend in very well with your natural smile even after your whitening procedure. This will take away the splotchy results you’ve gotten and give you an even color.

Risks with Teeth Whitening

When it comes to dental work or any type of medical procedure, good communication is extraordinarily important. I’m concerned you’re not getting the proper care you need from your dentist. If he didn’t tell you something as basic as what will whiten and what wouldn’t, it’s possible he neglected more important issues. Every procedure has risks and that includes teeth whitening.

Here is just a sampling of what he should be checking you for throughout:

  • Gum Sensitivity
  • Enamel Erosion
  • Damage to Dental Roots

If you’re not getting proper care, switch dentists.

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