Top Bradenton FL Dentist – Dr. Darshan Naidu Provides No Pain Root Canals

Best Bradenton, FL Dentist – Dr. Darshan Naidu Provides No Pain Root Canals

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Dental pain is unpleasant, life-limiting, and can severely impact a patient’s quality of life. Often, patients can’t eat, drink, or sleep comfortably due to temperature change sensitivity, chronic pain, or constant dull toothaches.

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure that helps to save teeth damaged by infection, fracture, or decay, relieving pain and restoring teeth back to health. The only alternative to this treatment is removing a patient’s infected tooth and replacing it with artificial solutions such as removable dentures, implants, or fixed bridges. None of these dental alternatives are preferable to a patient keeping their original teeth, and they cost more as well.

If you need root canals in Bradenton, FL., Dr. Darshan Naidu and his practice are ready to help. Root canal treatments have an excellent success rate, with many treated teeth serving the patient throughout their lifetime.

More About Root Canal Surgery

Not many patients relish undergoing root canal treatments. Many believe the process to be pain-ridden and are indeed surprised to learn that the modern procedures Dr. Naidu and other dentists use are entirely pain-free.

When performing root canals in Bradenton, Dr. Naidu uses the latest techniques to include the best anesthetics and additional forms of sedation for incredibly nervous or anxious patients.

Root canals are preferable to extracting infected teeth because no dental alternative can replace a natural tooth. They are stronger and more durable than dental implants, and dentists always try to preserve patients’ teeth rather than extracting them and replacing them with artificial alternatives.

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Root Canal Treatment Procedures

Root canal treatments, also known as endodontic treatments, often require multiple appointments to deliver proper care.

Before treatment begins, the dentist will perform an X-ray of the affected teeth to understand the extent of any infection or damage. They will also discuss your sedation preferences to make sure the process is as pain-free and comfortable as possible.

On the day of treatment, the dentist will apply a local anesthetic to the treatment to numb the area, preventing the patient from feeling pain. They then open up the tooth through the crown to access the damaged areas for proper cleaning and disinfection.

Finally, the dentist will enlarge the canals to prepare the tooth for a dental filling. If the root canal treatment requires a follow-up visit, the dentist will medicate the cleaned canal and place a temporary filling to protect the tooth until the next visit.

Dr. Naidu has years of training and experience in root canals in Bradenton, always assessing patients’ needs and providing appropriate care.

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For More Information

To learn more about Dr. Darshan Naidu’s dental services, root canals in Bradenton, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Naidu himself, feel free to contact our dental offices, Monday through Thursday at  941-265-8055.

We offer our patients the very best root canal treatments and outstanding dental care and dental health education. We are experts at relieving oral pain and helping patients preserve their teeth using the latest dental techniques and equipment, providing only the highest level of care to our customers.

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