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Best Dentist in Bradenton FL, Dr. Darshan Naidu Offers World Class Dental Services and Amazing Customer Service

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Naidu Dental is a local Bradenton FL dental office offering comprehensive care to patients in Bradenton and its surrounding areas. Dr. Darshan Naidu, the founder and head dentist of Naidu Dental, continually dedicates his life to the field of dentistry, which shines through in the countless smiles that walk out of Naidu Dental after each appointment.  In addition to offering a comprehensive treatment plan for his patients’ dental needs, Dr. Naidu emphasizes top-notch customer service to keep his patients smiling all day long.

Since receiving his doctorate from the prestigious Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Darshan Naidu has dedicated his professional career to offering better dental health practices throughout the Bradenton area. To better serve not only his patients but also the field of dentistry at large, Dr. Naidu has continually furthered his education through post-graduate training programs and hundreds of hours of continuing education with world-renowned educators

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Naidu Dental takes pride in offering all the standard dental procedures that one would expect from a dentist’s office, such as extractions, general checkups, and emergency dentistry. However, the practice takes it a step further by offering a wider variety of options to their patients like dental implants, Invisalign® services, dentures, root canals, and more. Naidu Dental has the ultimate goal of helping patients have a better quality of life. 

By helping their patients receive better oral care, Naidu Dental is giving them a new lease on life. Without proper checkups and necessary procedures, teeth can quickly become a source of pain in patients’ daily lives. Taking away this source of discomfort allows patients to focus on the more essential things in life, like following their passions and spending time with their loved ones. Pain aside, proper oral health is linked to better health in general. For example, when patients find it difficult to chew, their diet becomes affected, and their overall health can suffer as a result. In addition, strong research suggests oral bacteria are directly connected to and affect the heart.

Naidu Dental first started when Dr. Darshan Naidu took a mission trip to help impoverished citizens of Costa Rica during college. After seeing the need for better oral care around the world, he returned and went on to complete his undergraduate degree at the University of Florida. From there, he graduated from the Harvard School of Dentistry Medicine, completed his post-graduate residency at Nova Southeastern, and trained in implant dentistry with Dr. Arun Garg at Miami’s Implant Continuum Seminars.

Through these seminars, Dr. Darshan Naidu achieved Fellowship status in the field of implantology at the International Dental Implant Association. He went on to become a member of the American, Florida, and West Coast Dental Associations; the International Dental Implant Association; Academy of General Dentistry; the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry; the Manatee Dental Society; and the Frank Spear Study Club. Over the years, Dr. Naidu’s passion for the field has only grown. He looks forward to partnering with new patients to ensure better oral health one smile at a time.

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