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 Naidu Dental offers superior dental implant services to new and ongoing patients. As a staple of the local Bradenton community, Naidu Dental is proud to continue hosting a wide array of exceptional oral health services to its pool of clients. Dr. Darshan Naidu is a prolific academic and dental professional whose accolades in the field of dentistry are extensive. As a result, their innovative procedures are among the best that modern dentistry can offer. The practice wants potential patients to know that they are in good hands when they turn to Naidu Dental, as their staff is the culmination of years of dedicated study and experience in every facet of dentistry.

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Doctors’ Experience and Education

Dr. Darshan Naidu received his doctorate from the highly regarded Harvard School of Dental Medicine, giving him the experience necessary to provide outstanding care to his patients. Building on that experience, Dr. Naidu has continued his passion as a lifelong student and academic by taking up seminars and training programs that allow him to excel at dental implants. After completing his post-graduate residency at Nova Southeastern, he went on to train with expert dental professional Dr. Arun Garg through Miami’s Implant Continuum Seminars.

It is from this experience — and many more like it — that Dr. Naidu has been able to receive the title of Fellowship status in the field of implantology at the International Dental Implant Association. Not to be ignored, he is also an active member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Academy of General Dentistry, and the American, Florida, and West Coast Dental Associations. When it comes to implants, there is no room for guesswork. That is why Dr. Naidu has continued to engage in this innovative field and do whatever he can to contribute to its advancement.

Quick and Easy Dental Implant Procedure

Due to modern dentistry, the procedure does not have to be as threatening as it used to be. It is actually quite simple. The patient generally receives anesthesia or gets a numbing agent. From there, a fixture attaches to the bone of the jaw or skull. This fixture serves as the base for the prosthetic. A prosthetic of some sort attaches after the area has had time to heal. These prosthetics will typically include some iteration of a crown, bridge, denture, or another form of facial prosthesis.

After the fixture first attaches, the body will need time to undergo a process known as osseointegration. This process involves the patient’s bone and skin, which accept the outside fixture as a part of the body. Osseointegration thus joins the pieces, which heal into place as a normally functioning piece of tooth. The operation is not as painful as it sounds. Once the fixture is in place, the patient will be unable to tell that it’s even there. After it heals, the implant will serve the purpose at hand, whether it is for cosmetic reasons or to provide a better sense of oral care.

No matter what kind of procedure a patient is looking for, the expert staff at Naidu Dental is there to answer any questions and help them get back to the things they love the most.

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