Bradenton FL Dentist Welcomes Patients With COVID-19 Measures In Place

Dentist in Bradenton FL – Dr. Darshan Naidu is Proud to be Open with COVID-19 Precautions              

As a dentist, Dr. Darshan Naidu prioritizes the health of his patients. The coronavirus’s onset initially closed many dental practices until dentists could create conditions to defend their patients against the virus. To safeguard patient health, Naidu Dental in Bradenton, FL, has enacted stringent protocols to protect against COVID-19 infections. His practice and its employees go out of their way to ensure that their office is a safe zone.

Dr. Naidu and his team ask patients to assist them by following their new protocols.

Prescreening by Phone

When making the appointment, the receptionist will ask questions such as:

  • Have you traveled recently?
  • Were you in contact with someone who tested positive?
  • Have you experienced symptoms such as high fever or respiratory difficulties?

Dr. Naidu and his staff have appreciated the cooperation of their patients. When patients book appointments more than a few days in advance, a team member will complete a second prescreening the day before the scheduled time.

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Patient Safety Protocol

The team members ask patients to check-in from their cars, directing them to call (941) 253-5017 to tell the reception they’ve arrived in the office’s parking lot. The employees do this to ensure that there’s only one patient in the waiting room at a time.

To minimize potential exposure, the team asks that family members wait in the car. The fewer people in the waiting room, the safer it is for everyone.

Dr. Naidu’s staff thoroughly sanitizes all contact areas between patient appointments. A staff member will then meet the patient at the vehicle, where they will greet the patient and take a temperature reading using a contactless infrared thermometer.

If they find that a patient’s temperature is too high, the office staff will reschedule the appointment. If all is in order, the staff member escorts the patient into the practice.

Employee Safety

Dr. Naidu’s team members are well-versed in the early symptoms of COVID-19. Each employee submits to temperature screening before entering the office. Also, Dr. Naidu advises his staff to stay at home if they feel sick since he prefers to err on the side of caution.  

Naidu Dental practice issues each employee Personal Protective Equipment, which includes protective masks and other supplies. The team adheres to the infection control guidelines from the following agencies:

  • FDA
  • CDC
  • OSHA
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Office Safety

The team wipes down all the frequently touched surfaces at least once an hour. The practice has removed any extraneous materials from the waiting room to reduce the number of opportunities for surface contact of the virus. A patient will no longer find magazines, but this isn’t an issue with shorter wait times.

Dr. Naidu has installed HEPA air purification units in every operatory. Such appliances trap particles far smaller than the COVID-19 virus, with a 99.97% rate of effectiveness. For additional safety, the team changes out the filters more often than the manufacturer recommends.

Patients may notice that the suction units for their mouth fluids now operate at a higher speed. Dr. Naidu upgraded the machinery to ensure better control of overspray, saliva, and aerosolized particles. The higher suction pressure also makes it possible to spend less time in the dentist’s chair.

Naidu Dental Team

Naidu Dental Keeps its Patients and Employees Safe

Do you require the services of a dentist in Bradenton, FL? Call Naidu Dental to schedule your appointment for routine or emergency services. With these stringent protocols in place, rest assured that you will be safe from COVID-19 during your dental procedure.

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